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Exciting News...  CPR Now: The First Response Team tm Is A Proud Affiliate of Your Safety Company

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Our company motto states, “We train people to save lives.” Whether it would be through AED, CPR, First Aid or daily business or community safety CPR Now has one goal and that is to train people to save lives.  CPR Now can provide you with the education you need to handle and prevent those moments when a life could be on the line.  Trust in the knowledge and dedication of CPR Now to educate you for a safe future.

Our customers include educational institutions, churches, businesses, emergency responders and healthcare providers.  We make sure everyone is trained to save a life.  Also we work on preventing incidents from happening with our safety training programs and evaluations.  Safety starts at home and continues all day through the workplace.  Let CPR Now prepare you for the events that could happen!
Skip Lehmann
CEO/President of CPR Now

CPR Now Professionals In.....

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